Mitchell Shegos in the Running for Top Wide Receiver

Mitchell Shegos
Mitchell Shegos

Notre Dame College has on its campus right now one of the greatest football players to ever put on a Falcons’ uniform. His name is Mitchell Shegos.

Shegos is currently the leading wide receiver for the Falcons this season with 58 catches for 734 yards and 5 touchdowns.

In Shegos’ career, he has 189 catches, with three games to go in his junior season here at Notre Dame. With that being said, Shegos has in sight a milestone few college wide receivers ever reach: 300 career receptions.

Assuming Shegos can keep up his current pace of 7.25 catches a game, he would go over that 300-catch mark for his college career, with a total of 319 receptions.

He would still be behind the current NCAA DII record holder, Justin Bernard from Saint Anselm in Manchester, N.H. Bernard set the record with 386 catches in 2014.

“It would be huge, not only for me but the school, just to have a name out there, to have some kid say, ‘This guy had this many receptions. I want to play here.'” Shegos said. “If I get [the receptions record] I will be super excited about that.”

Shegos would need 200 catches over 14 games to pass him, and that just isn’t likely to happen unless the offense that the Falcons run changes dramatically. He would have to double his catches per game, and the Falcons’ offense would have to bend around Shegos instead of going with their balanced attack like usual.

However, Shegos could still catch second-place, currently held by Clarence Coleman who played from 1998 to 2001 with Ferris State University in Big River, Mich. He had 323 catches. Shegos would need a little over nine catches a game to pass him, something Shegos is definitely capable of doing.

Before the interview, Shegos was unaware that he was closing in on any sort of record. He credits his success to doing the little things right and to hard work.

“Being a captain this year, I find that I don’t really vocalize things. I try to be a role model and do the little things right, like showing up on time and coming to meetings, putting in a little extra work and having maximum effort. I pride myself on those things,” Shegos said.

Regardless of whether Shegos makes it to the top of the NCAA records, he will still go down as one of, if not only, the best wide receiver in the history of Notre Dame.

Go watch a legend play, they only come around once in lifetime. Support the Falcons on campus. Their last home game is noon Saturday, Nov. 14, at Mueller Field.

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