Make ‘Em Laugh: Being a Dysfunctional Weirdo can be a Good Thing

Commedian Sidney Smith
Commedian Sidney Smith

On Oct. 1 Notre Dame College welcomed comedian and Detroit, Mich., native Sidney Smith, who took the College by storm with his energetic and truthful comedy techniques.

Those who could not attend this homecoming event, here is a recap of what you might have missed.

He told classic jokes about everyday life that made us all laugh.

He also has a great sense of language. He used every profane word in the book; no hesitation even standing in a Catholic college. This only made the show better. It felt relaxed and like a great way to let go of some stress for the week.

Smith has a way of taking everyday troubles and making them hilarious situations.

“Comedy should bring everyone in the room under the same umbrella of commonality and comfort-ability,” Smith said.

During the show, a student in the crowd even made Smith’s joke better: by yelling out about a stripper. Smith picked up on the theme and continued to use it throughout the entire show.

He got one really good laugh from his audience: Who knew Notre Dame had a stripper curriculum!

Smith also joked about being the only black kid in his neighborhood and enjoying Civil War day by making others his slaves.

By taking a bad situation, like the war, and making it a joke, he connects to his audience. In making good fun at people like strippers, he makes those in attendance feel good about themselves.

Even before the show started, Smith came onto the stage and started to pick on a group of students in a corner of Regina Auditorium. He then went back and changed into a pair of nice clothes before reappearing on the stage and sharing his hilarious sense of humor.

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