Call an Ex: Never Too Late for Latest Adele

Hello, it’s her. After taking a four-year break from the music industry, Adele was welcomed back earlier this year as she released her third and latest album entitled 25. Nearly six months later, listeners are still getting the urge to call an ex 1,000 times and say, “Hello, it’s me.”

The album title that represents Adele’s age delivers with 11 songs she has written; all tell a different story. It doesn’t feature too many breakup anthems, but most of these tracks are about growing up and facing change, which is something that many college students relate.

Besides the smash-hit and chart topping “Hello,” songs from 25 will latch onto listeners like an addiction that seems impossible to quit, like a college girl who can’t get over a crush.

The most recent release “When We Were Young” and tracks like “I Miss You” are reminiscent of past encounters.

Whether a relationship, infatuation or friendship, both songs recall the reflective times with a person. Whether the experience was beautiful or tragic, these songs are here to help.

Whether a girl is trying to stop mascara from running down her face because of an ex or needs advice after a day filled with stress or just wants music to add to her phone, this album has it covered.

Another track “Million Years Ago” is a sincere guitar-only ballad that reflects on the self, how a person watches herself change from year to year. Whether singing about a relationship or something more personal, Adele connects with lyrics like, “I’m not the only one who regrets the things they’ve done.”

Another female favorite track, “Love in the Dark,” tells a deep tale about losing a person before actually letting go. While this tune does not contain the happiest musical tone, its lyrics and melody are emotional as a main listen.

Adele’s voice sets a mood for each song and hasn’t gone out of style one bit. This comeback certainly smooths over her recent hiatus and picks right back up with the Grammys.

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