America, You Were Our Idol, but it’s Time to Say Farewell

“American Idol,” has aired on the public television station, Fox Entertainment, for 15 years, and once the winners are announced this season, the series will say its final farewells.

In June 2002, Simon Fuller created “American Idol,” produced by 19 Entertainment, and it became one of the first singing competition show. Fuller is known for managing the Spice Girls and producing “So You Think You Can Dance.”

At that point, the world was introduced to a new show that would introduce new talent and create stars and win over the hearts of its viewers. Contestants from all over the world would enter a room, and in front of the original show’s judges, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell, they would warm up their pipes or in some cases break their pipes.

“American Idol” television host, Ryan Seacrest, has been warming the hearts of viewers since the start. Current judges are Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban.

Season One cranked out the lovely singer we know today as Kelly Clarkson, who won the first season of Idol. Other well-known singers who have made a prominent impact on the music industry who got their starts in this classic show are Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Jordan Sparks, Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler. Lesser known are David Cook, Katherine McPhee and Phillip Phillips and many more artists.

Some contestants who did not win the show also rose to fame after gaining recognition from being on it, like Adam Lambert.

Like many, I grew up watching this show, until it lost my interest after six seasons. Not many shows can last 15 years these days, so bravo to Fox, which has been part of the show since the very beginning, and to Simon Fuller for creating a show that has kept up a good fight.

Although a few individuals may be sad that Idol is finally ending, we can all try to enjoy this last season.

Every good thing must come to an end, and you never know what will come next!

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