Undecided Can Be Exciting

College can be tricky. Some students at Notre Dame are first year or first generation college students.

Everyone adjusts to a new environment differently.

When students take this first step into the next chapter of their lives, they may have a solid idea of what they want to do, while many other students are undecided.

To all students, especially freshmen: Do not be discouraged to be undecided.

Get involved on campus. Remember you have a family to come home to for advice. You have your friends from the bonds you made before and are now making new friends, who, most likely will be your friends forever. Ask them for ideas.

You may either be working at home, looking for a job or may have a work-study position on campus. That’s a lot on top of your studies. But for the challenges you are willing to take, to come to college, you will learn what you like.

If you need help, talk to upperclassman. Find out what path they take.

Professors are willing to help you as well. Take advantage of the time your professors have available and meet them and get to know them.

If you are involved in a team or club, spend time with the coach outside of games and practices as well as the students who are involved.

Career Services always says to network with people. So meet people on campus and elsewhere. They can help you find an internship, which can later result in a job. Your sophomore year isn’t too soon.

You will eventually decide what you want to do. Until then, enjoy testing the new waters.

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