Falcon Food Fight


Notre Dame College hosted a bonfire during homecoming in substitution for a formal pep-rally. It turned into a food fight.

Students ended up throwing marshmallows at each other, and especially at the band. They successfully got one of the treats stuck in a tuba during our performance.

At least the marshmallow wasn’t hot and melted.

But as a member of the band, I ended up being utterly disappointed and disrespected.

I was excited to participate in our College’s first bonfire with a good crowd. Several students, sports teams, cheerleaders and band members were in attendance.

But the students ended up cutting through band members to get to and from the fire while the group was playing. They ran into my instrument as well as those of other members.

“NDC’s bonfire was so chaotic,” tuba player Aaron Ducksworth said. “It made me feel unwanted and like nobody cares about the band.”

After we finished our set of songs, not even one person clapped.

“I felt that it made the student body look disrespectful. We took the time out of our day to perform for them, and they didn’t even acknowledge that we were there,” said Kayla Thompson, senior trumpet player.

David P. Roth, director of the NDC Band, looked on the bright side. No one was hurt, and no instrument was seriously damaged.

According to Roth, the experience could help improve attendance at future events because so many students were at the bonfire. And, eventually, with more exposure, maybe some of those students will become more interested in the band.

“I look forward to it [the bonfire] growing and becoming an integral and worthwhile activity during future NDC homecoming activities,” he said.

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