The ND News App-Attack

Notre Dame News is taking another major technological leap: launching with this issue its own native iOS and Android application.

The original, student-built app will be available for download on the App Store and Play Store by the end of the month.

Notre Dame News Native App

The app for the independent student news resource ND News, the technology and related content, has been in the process of being reviewed and accepted by Apple and Google since the start of the semester. The companies must evaluate and approve all original apps before they can be released on the iOS and Android platforms.

ND News is the first organization on campus to have a native application.

Other student organizations utilize existing technologies. Notre Dame Basketball and the Notre Dame Women’s Soccer teams use “Team App,” an application that already exists, to communicate with fans.

The ND News application was designed and developed by senior management information systems major Chris Moomaw, managing editor and technology director of the student news organization for the past three years.

“When I became managing editor, one of my goals was to use not only my leadership skills but also my technology skills to help the students gain real world work experience and to help Notre Dame News develop as a campus news organization for students by students,” said Moomaw.

According to Moomaw, the ND News application will allow students, their professors, parents and potential employers to read all articles posted on the website from a mobile device and much more. The app also provides access to listening to original podcasts, accessing information on local and national elections and learning about the current college student news staff and the history of the student news resource.

“With the app, ND News will continue to help inform, educate and engage students of the college, through the perspective of students, and now with another system favored by students,” said Moomaw.

The native app follows the technology advancement of January 2015 when ND News transformed from print to digital and launched, the online college student news website.

That transition was made to take advantage of technology, provide student staff more relevant and advanced experience, increase readership and serve the planet by eliminating paper waste, according to Moomaw.

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