Senior Bucket Lists Before Graduation

Notre Dame College seniors have some traditional outside-of-class achievements they may want to complete before they graduate.

Along with goals they need to reach to prepare for their futures, students have access to some experiences only available on this campus.

This is a Notre Dame senior specific list.

Campus Bucket List

Bria Bennett, whose major is political justice, has a goal set since her freshman year, which is to get as much as she could out of her four years at Notre Dame. She’s been in choir, a student ambassador and competed in national Moot Court competitions.

“I am happy with how much I have accomplished it,” she said.

Before she finishes her time at Notre Dame, she has additional goals not as related to her courses she wants to meet:

  • to visit the top of the bell tower,
  • to find out if there are tunnels that really do connect Providence and the Administration Building,
  • to see the original blueprints for the college and
  • to interview at least two sisters of Notre Dame to gather their experiences with the college.

Bennett’s advice for those just starting or staying at Notre Dame is to take advantage of every opportunity, good or bad, to be challenged and build character.

“Try new things, things that push you further than you have ever gone before,” she said. “Those experiences change you for a lifetime, whether they were positive or negative at the time.”

Post Commencement Bucket List

Senior Willard Hitchcock is married and has a daughter. His major is communication, and he has several goals in mind. One major objective that crosses in and out of class is to establish an internship site where he will complete his internship credits before he graduates. He is set to start work as a concierge at the Cleveland Natural History Museum.

After he graduates he plans to celebrate as part of starting a career. He wants to:

  • travel internationally with his wife and daughter,
  • write and publish books about where he has traveled and
  • organize all his photos from all the many destinations he has visited over the last several years and will visit in the future.

“These goals are very new,” Hitchcock said.

His advice for students before and while they are seniors is to keep records of their adventures, too. But like Bennett, Hitchcock cautions not to set expectations for experiences; just enjoy them.

“Have them, write them down but don’t get upset if they go in a different direction,” he said.

Academic Bucket List

Hannah Peereboom is an early childhood education major and has many objectives for the classroom she wants to accomplish before her graduation day this Spring 2016.

Goals she wants to accomplish:

  • improve her grade in math,
  • gain confidence to help her with student teaching,
  • be more responsible,
  • learn to budget more effectively and
  • strive to be on time and ensure she is using her time wisely.

Peereboom also advises incoming and current students to do their best and not shy away from potentially difficulty situations.

“I will also tell incoming freshman to have adversity. In times of difficulty either with classes or another situation, I want students to never give up,” she said.

She has a few fun things she wants to continue to experience after graduation, too. Peereboom said she loves to support the Notre Dame basketball squads.

Perhaps on her graduate bucket list: dressing up in costume in the student section at a basketball game.

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