Ring the NDC Wedding Bells

NDC's First Wedding
On Aug. 7, 1930, the first wedding took place in Notre Dame’s Christ the King Chapel.

Notre Dame College uses Christ the King Chapel for many events throughout the academic year. Events vary from weekly mass, to guest speakers and even NDC choir performances.

What many don’t know is that the chapel shines in the summertime in the event of weddings.

Ted Steiner, the director of Campus Ministry here at NDC, sat down to discuss the lesser-known fact among students, faculty and staff.

“We aren’t a parish, we are a school. We don’t do baptisms or joinings of the church, but we’ve always done weddings,” he said.

Steiner is responsible for ensuring that the chapel is open to couples who wish to get married in it.

In order to be married at NDC, there are certain requirements that a couple needs to meet.

“The kind of weddings that we tend to hold involve Catholic, Christian and Protestant views,” said Steiner. “The couple also brings their own priest or minister and then we rent them the chapel.”

Once requirements are met by the couple, then the chapel planning and rehearsal can take effect.

According to Steiner, there are usually two to three weddings each summer, and there can also be room for one or two during the academic year.

“There used to be fewer weddings, but now there are certainly more occurring at the college,” he said.

In fact, there will be an NDC alumni wedding, of former NDC students Joanna Wargo and Ryan Cochran, taking place in November.

Steiner revealed that it is common for alumni to get married at their own alma mater.

“I got married at John Carroll University, which was my alma mater,” he said. “I’m sure there will be many more NDC students that will get married here to keep that tradition.”

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