Masquerade Madness

A masquerade is about to take over at NDC

This year, Notre Dame College will be throwing a dance in celebration of its exciting homecoming week, which will take place the first weekend of October.

Following the annual homecoming football game, a unique homecoming dance will start later in the evening. It will feature a breath-taking masquerade theme, which will take over the Regina Gym. There will be lights galore, a DJ to play crowd favorites throughout the night and, of course, decorations fit for a masquerade.

The NDC homecoming masquerade ball Oct. 3rd at 10 p.m. in Regina Gym.

Courtney Chambers, vice president of the NDC Falcon Activities Board (FAB), revealed more details that haven’t been released regarding the much anticipated dance.

“For this dance, the FAB will make Regina Gym not look like Regina Gym,” she said. “We will have elegant features – tables with fancy table cloths, finger foods throughout the entire event and, of course, we will try to get ‘mocktails’ because they are a crowd favorite.”

The dance will be formal, so proper dress is recommended. The male students are suggested to wear shirts and ties, while the female students can wear party dresses. Anyone is welcome to attend the event.

Whether students go with a date or a group of friends, the dance could be the night they will never forget. Chambers said the FAB is very excited to put on this dance after all of the work they put into preparing the event.

And FAB could put on more homecoming dances in the future.

“We definitely hope to do it again next year,” Chambers said. “We hope for a good turnout at the dance as well. Overall, we really think that it will be a great time for everyone here at NDC.”

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