Calling All Falcon Music Lovers

2015 Music Lessons Given at Notre Dame College
NDC offers music lessons for elective credit.

During the 2015 fall semester, Notre Dame College started offering interested students one-on-one instrumental, piano and voice lessons for 1 full credit.

And the sessions, which are for those who are not involved in music and those who already are, do more than get students one credit closer to a degree.

“Regardless of background or future plans in music, private lessons provide the student with one-on-one instruction that will hone creativity and innovation, along with the mastery of a specific instrument and/or voice,” said Timothy E. Little, Notre Dame’s executive director of performing arts and choral studies.

The instrumental classes are for electric and acoustic guitar, woodwind, brass, percussion/drums and marimba. Organ is included with the piano lessons, and vocal instruction is offered as well.

“Right now, they are electives,” Little said.

Every student must provide his or her own guitar for guitar lessons.

Students involved in the college’s performing arts programs will be provided access to other instruments as part of their individual lessons. Those who are not in performing arts are welcome to take lessons but must provide their own instruments.

“Applied lessons are a great opportunity to improve technical and interpretive skills in music,” Little said.

If students did not realize they could register for the lessons this semester, this should be music for their ears: The classes will be available in the future, too.

“Applied lessons are offered each semester,” Little said.

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