Res Life to Inspect Dorm Rooms

On Tuesday, October 13, 2015, at 2:17 p.m., the Notre Dame College Residence Education Coordinator notified on-campus students of a “Health and Safety Inspection” that will take place during fall break.

Residence Education Coordinator Joseph DuBose released the following statement:

“As a part of fall break, the Residence Life staff will be entering every room in the residence halls to check for health and safety issues. These checks will take place on Thursday and Friday of Fall Break.”

The email featured a checklist of “good health and safety habits” for students.

Of the nine recommendations in the list, two specifically mentioned safety. Those two and one other referred to residence life. The remaining six were about personal wellness, student life and study habits.

The three that referred to dorms suggested students:

  • Clean and organize dorm rooms to “keep it safe” and mentioned fire prevention and linked to a list of prohibited items
  • Look out for each other, especially if there is a chance for someone to get hurt
  • Check in and reconnect with suitemates

The remaining six were to get a full night’s sleep, get moving, get back into a routine, take time out, ask for help and participate.

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