Smells Like Too Much Team Spirit

Don’t we love our sweats?! They’re so comfortable and easy to throw on. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t see students on the Notre Dame College campus wearing sweats to class.

But let’s get real, there are sweats for working out, and then there are sweats that we all wear for fashion purposes.

I know that NDC is a college campus, and we all want to show our spirit for the college and the sports teams in the best way possible. But I am seriously tired of seeing those same blue NDC sweat pants that practically the whole campus is wearing. Is it because the weather has made us all too tired to the point that all we want to do is slap on a pair of sweats and keep it moving? Or is it the early morning struggle: “No one is looking nor do they care. I just need to get through this day without going insane.”

There is a world out there beyond the NDC campus where you can find sweats that are actually fashionable and cool. Here’s an idea: pair some Adidas sweats or Nike tech fleece sweat pants with a nice running shoe such as the Roshe or Huarache Run. They look good on any guy or girl.

Men and Women Nike Tech Fleece Sweatpants
Men and Women Nike Tech Fleece Sweatpants

Eventually the snow is going to melt, and you guys are going to have to put away the Timberlands and Uggs. And of course the sun will be coming out, and you won’t be able to hide in the shadows of winter under all your winter gear anymore.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ll be watching for those dope trends this spring.

Now back to the sweats. You can find a variety of brands in a range of colors from gray to turquoise at Footlocker or Finish Line. Sweats can be purchased online or at the actual store.

C’mon, you know you owe this to yourself. Lounge around the house in style on spring break or come back from break “stylin” in your new sweats.

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