Shopping Comfortable Cyber Monday: What to wear and what to shop for


Cyber Monday, it’s what I like to call the “digital madness” after Black Friday is said and done. It’s also the day we can empty out our bank accounts even more with the all the things that are literally steals online.

To be honest, I can never indulge in the Cyber Monday madness because I’m usually working on a final paper or running around like a turkey with his head cut off trying to get final assignments done. Although the semester is a little drawn out this year, I’ll still probably be doing the exact same thing that I do every year on Cyber Monday, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be here to help you guys out with all the great Cyber Monday deals right?!

Whether you’re spending Cyber Monday in the house shopping for family, friends, or a significant other (definitely don’t have one of those, which is probably a good thing during the holidays),  you should spend your Cyber Monday comfortable (notice the key word for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is comfortable). If you plan on taking the day off to be in front of your computer screen all day next Monday, I recommend that you spend the day in PJ’s with a mug of coffee of hot chocolate by your side.

Who doesn’t want to lounge around all day in PJ’s buying cool stuff for themselves with a couple of purchases for friends and family here and there? Maybe you can’t spend the day off because you have classes or work to do with running errands here and there, but you still want to engage in some online retail therapy when you have downtime, then a pair sweatpants with a tee or hoodie is fine. Honestly, that’s the only way I can picture a relaxed Cyber Monday. Now, maybe just maybe you might spend your Cyber Monday in the office but still shopping online while in business attire because you couldn’t get the day off, then that’s fine too… Just don’t tell your boss when they come by your desk at work and ask you what you’re doing, that Brandon Taylor said it was ok for you be shopping instead of being productive and preparing that report for the executives.

Now onto my favorite part, what to buy on Cyber Monday. Depending on who and what you’re shopping for, there is something for everyone on Cyber Monday. For the people that I like to call “tech heads,” you can find tech gifts such as Apple products, headphones, and game systems  for them online everywhere from Amazon to Target.

Missed those outrageous deals from Dick Sporting Goods, the Gap and Urban Outfitters on Black Friday? No worries because most retail clothing  and sporting good stores deals from Black Friday will carry into Cyber Monday. Just a little side note, the best thing about retail stores for Cyber Monday is that some of their deals are even better than the ones offered on Black Friday, so don’t fret if you miss out on November 27th.

To all my fellow sneakerheads out there, you knew I couldn’t leave you out. We all know that Jordan brand is dropping some serious heat Black Friday with the remastered Jordan Aqua 8’s (hint, hint mom) but did you hear the word from Complex Sneakers and other sneaker blogs are that we could be getting special Jordan 1 release dubbed the “Cyber Monday Jordan retro 1? Definitely be on the lookout for those next Monday along with deals from our favorite sneaker places such as Footlocker and Finish Line.

As I mentioned before, there’s so much that will be available online next Monday and if I tried to name everything that will be up for grabs, then we would be here until next Cyber Monday, so hopefully you all have your lists made and you are ready for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday or one or the other. Just a reminder before before I go, check out my Thanksgiving and Black Friday style blog. Also here’s a few tips for shopping online and in-store during the holidays:

  1. Avoid online purchases on public Wi-Fi networks
  2. Make sure the sites are legit
  3. Only use checkout options you are familiar with online and in-store
  4. Save your online transactions and check your bank statements as they come during the holidays
  5. Look out for online coupons from your favorite retailers that could be used either in-store or online they could help you out a lot!
  6. Lastly, as my mom always tells me and my siblings, it’s the thought that counts. Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t financially stable during the holidays, so don’t try going out your way, stressing if you know you can’t afford that specific item for you loved one try substituting it for something affordable but still nice.

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