Get In Loser, We’re Going Shopping

Means Girls Cady Heron

Everyone has a friend they would like to see show more swag. Now I’m not talking about changing that friend, but I am talking about a wardrobe makeover and giving them a boost of self confidence. In other words, take that friend’s style from unfashionable to fashionable.

I can’t stress this enough: the friend has to be willing to accept your help. Recently, I had a friend ask for my help in transforming his “steeze” with a new wardrobe. To be honest, I was honored! Do you all recall that infamous scene from the cult classic Mean Girls where Regina George, the popular high school cheerleader, tells transfer student Cady Heron, “Get in looser, we’re going shopping!”? Like that scene where Regina and her posse cruise in her two-door silver Lexus, we piled into our friend’s Honda and headed for the mall, A.K.A. my sanctuary.

As soon as we entered American Eagle Outfitters, we began looking around for some dope threads that my friend could wear. We zeroed in on a cool colored shirt that was on sale and surprisingly, my friend liked it. Next, we entered H&M where they had just dropped their HM x Coachella collab that week. I think I was more excited than my friend to be in there because I immediately began grabbing jeans, tees and sweats for myself. I could see that my friend really needed my help getting started. After I tried on my clothes, I helped him to select some button downs that had caught his eye. He then requested that we help him find a dark and a light pair of khakis, so we did.

At the end of the day we all felt we had accomplished our goal. My friend was now transformed. We didn’t stop there though. Once we got back to campus, we made him practice putting together his outfits, layering tees and shirts he had picked out that day. I’d say our mission was a success.

Here are a few tips when transforming your unfashionable friends’ wardrobes:

  1. Don’t make your friends feel like you want to change them; they must be willing to make the change.
  2. Get an idea of what it is that your friend is looking for before you dive in with your choices and suggestions.
  3. It helps to bring mutual friends along because they can also help and give their opinions.
  4. If you see a friend headed for a dated look, steer him or her toward something that is more up-to-date.
  5. Be honest, but don’t be rude. Remember, this should be a fun trip and you should be helping not hurting.
  6. Lastly, remember, don’t make a monster out of your friend like Regina did to Cady. Avoid getting hit by that bus!

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