The Morning from Hell. Yes, Hell.

Girl and Police Officer

“The drama follows you, doesn’t it?” That’s what my grammar teacher asked me when I got to class today. Mind you, today was my first day back (Thursday) as I missed all of my Tuesday classes because of my “run in” with the law. But before everyone starts judging me, I definitely deserve the right to explain myself.

So just a quick flashback, on Cinco de Mayo of this year, say about five months ago, the tags on my car expired. Obviously, every normal person in America knows that every year on their birthday they have to renew them. I drove around for three weeks without it even crossing my mind. So I got pulled over in South Euclid and was given a citation, which said I had to appear in court.

Small tidbit, in the State of Ohio you are allowed to show your proof of insurance on your mobile phone. So when the officer went back to his car to write the citation, I had not yet shown proof of insurance because I was pulling it up on my phone. When he returned to my vehicle, I showed him my insurance; however, he did not mark it on my citation. That, then, brings me to the morning from hell. Yes, HELL.

At around 7 a.m., on Tuesday, I got pulled over on my way back to campus, on Coventry in Cleveland Heights, which is my hometown. Being as tired as I was from barely getting any sleep the night before, I was not in the mood to get in any trouble. The crazy part is, I never actually know why I get pulled over. Wanna know why? Because I am following the law about 98 percent of the time.

The officer asks to see license and registration. I hand him my license along with my courtesy police card. My cousin works for the CHPD (Cleveland Heights Police Department) for those of you not with me lol. I am again pulling up my insurance on my phone. When he returns I show him the insurance, and he asks, “How do you know Jemond?” I tell him that he is my cousin. He then goes on to inform me that my license is suspended. I am completely shocked as anyone would be. Especially since I have been driving my car around, and no one bothered to tell me. He says that South Euclid Police Department has the hold on my license. I explained what happened in May and let him know it had all been taken care of. The officer responds, “You need to contact South Euclid Police Department or the BMV to see what is going on. Be safe.”

The time is ticking and, at this point, I am furious.

Once I arrive at the police department, I am beyond furious. After I’ve had time to process what was really going on, I start realizing I’m gonna be late to class if I even make it to any of them at all. So I immediately email all of my teachers and let them know where I was and that I would not make it.

I finally speak with someone at the police department, and he tells me that my license was suspended because I did not show proof of insurance in May when I received the citation. Okay, pause. Did y’all catch that? INSURANCE. Which I faithfully pay $180 for every month with money I’m barely making while in school. If I was beyond furious before, I couldn’t even tell you how angry I became.

The officer at the department tells me that all I have to do is go to a BMV and show proof of insurance, and they would take the hold off of my Ls. He then goes on to tell me that the only BMV that could do that today is all the way in Parma. Seriously?! (Insert annoyed face emoji here + a angry red face emoji.)

I told the man, “Look, just so YOU know … you guys are inconveniencing the HELL out of me. You mean to tell me that I have to drive to Parma with a ‘suspended license,’ so a lady can click a button because an officer that works for YOU did not do his job?”

“Oh.” He apologized.

I called my mom, and she ended up taking me to Parma, so I could get my Ls reinstated.

After breakfast at Cracker Barrell, and a few laughs with my mom … I decided to sleep all of the stresses away from this horrible day.

The moral of the story is GET YOUR LICENSE PLATES RENEWED BEFORE OR ON YOUR BIRTHDAY EVERY YEAR. Because if you don’t, well, you may end up like me in a bunch of unnecessary drama. But if you are also like me, and learned from this lesson, you will get two-year plates or higher, so you won’t have to deal with that every year.

P.S.: Stay out of trouble with the law, folks, for obvious reasons, blessings.

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