You Will Always Have Those 5 Seconds of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer

Even though summer has officially come to an end here in Northeast Ohio, we still have the hope that next year there will be another 5 Seconds of Summer. That sounds good and feels good.

So now that I have officially become THAT¬†writer, on Oct. 23 the Australian heartthrobs, also known as the One Direction competition, released their second album, “Sounds Good Feels Good.”

Do you ever feel like leaving college because it feels like a job? Is your girlfriend bitching because you always sleep in? Well, according to the new track, She’s Kinda Hot, “We’re the kings and the queens of the new broken scene, yeah, we’re alright, though!”

As a college student, we are all familiar with the fact that a meal consists of ramen noodles, and our rent is approaching faster then that paper that was supposed to be due two months from now. Money is everybody’s frenemy. In the new track Hey Everybody, “Hey everybody, we don’t have to live this way. We can all get some, yeah, we can all get paid. So what you say everybody? Gotta live it up today.” As the stereotypical college student scrounging between the couch cushions for a dime, I think this sounds pretty damn good!

In their last album of 5 Seconds of Summer, we learned that she does in fact look good in your American apparel underwear and that being eighteen was clearly more fun then we actually remember. But in their new album they take on a little more pop/rock punk and leave the teen pop behind. The entire album consists of 17 new songs, and if you buy the deluxe version, two extra songs will be included. The album also makes it fresh by coming in four different colors, each cover designed by different band members.

It is no doubt that an Australian accent is charming, but when that same accent belts out a few tunes, times two, then there is no reason not to check out “Sounds Good Feels Good.” I am legally 21 years old and am able to drink as a college student, and even I can find no reason not to feel good about this album.

We all need a Permanent Vacation!

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