We Are Harlot is not in Denial

We Are Harlot

Even though many fans are still bitter about Danny Worsnop’s departure from punk alternative band “Asking Alexandria,” his new group We Are Harlot is a band worth recognizing. In We Are Harlot Worsnop is making music alongside his friends Bruno Agra, Jeff George and Brian Weaver.

Worsnop has the voice of a rocker and now backed-up by musicians, the new band does not let down the older fans.

The band formed in 2011 and released their single “Denial” in June of 2014. In June of the next year, they released their full length CD, We Are Harlot. The album features 11 songs, all with a hard rock edge.

They are currently touring on their second major tour since releasing the album. They recently played in Cleveland, with opening band Heroin Kills. The set lasted about an hour and was concluded by the band doing their own unique ending: No encore just ending it the “right f**king way” in the words of Worsnop.

“Do it right the first time around or don’t do it at all,” he said.

We Are Harlot played songs such as “Someday,” which is slowly climbing the rock charts.

Not only are they talented on stage, but they are also all about the fans. Unlike some bands who charge $80 to meet them, We Are Harlot take the time after the show to meet each and every one of their supporters.

Worsnop and his new group go out of their way to make those who listen to their  music feel like more then just fans, but also friends.

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