The Maine Releases Sixth Album “American Candy”

The Maine: American Candy
The Maine: American Candy

As I sit here on a Thursday night, listening to “American Candy,” which was recently released from The Maine, I am overcome with a feeling of happiness.

The Maine released their first album “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop in 2008. In 2010, “Black and White” was released, followed by “Pioneer” in 2011.  Three years later in 2013 they released “Forever Halloween”. On March 31, the newest album dropped everywhere, on iTunes and in stores.

This 10-track album is simply, amazing. There is not a single song that doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, too. Lead singer, John O’Callaghan has a voice that can mesmerize you, and make you lose yourself into the music. This makes this album incredible.

This album also comes out at the perfect time of year.

With spring and summer approaching we want to hear fun, upbeat, sing-along songs. “American Candy” will take you through a journey with the fun names: Miles Away, Same Suit, Different Tie; My Hair, English Girls, Diet Soda Society, 24 Floors, Am I pretty?, (Un)lost, American Candy, and Another Night on Mars.

Every single song has its own tempo, that really makes your body move, and belt out the music louder then you might need to. The Maine band were looking for a different tempo compared to their last album “Forever Halloween.” This album is feel good, and worth every single moment of your time! Check them out on iTunes, YouTube, Sound Cloud,  to name a few.

The Maine will be in Cleveland on their American Candy Store tour April 29 at the House of Blues!

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