O-H-I-O is for Lovers and Rock and Roll

When you hear about famous bands, and artists, you generally associate the names with LA, New York, Chicago and all the other big name cities.

Now, Cleveland is a fairly known city around the world, so it makes sense that some bands got their start here. Unlike some states, Ohio is home. A place where many people try to escape, only to return years later.

You can take the Man/Gal out of Ohio, but you can never take the Ohio out of the Man/Gal.

Recently I have been reading up on some stuff about music. (Go figure.) Now some may debate this, but after talking to a number of people, not many realize what artists or bands are actually from Ohio.

I generally gear towards the pop/punk alternative music, but for once, you may actually know who the hell I am talking about!

These famous music acts are for O-H-I-O lovers.


Rascal Flatts originated in Columbus in 1999.  In 2006 their hit single, What Hurts The Most, hit the top of charts for up to four weeks. Their last album release was in 2014, Rewind.

Twenty One Pilots is also from Columbus. Tyler Joseph formed the band in 2009.  In 2011 Josh Dun joined TOP and would later become a part of the growing duo. In May of 2015, they released their album, BlurryFace. Their hit song is Stressed Out.


Black Veil Brides, originated from Cincinnati. The group formed in 2006 by lead singer Andy Biersack. They released their last album in 2014. Black Veil Brides are rumored to be working on their next album.


MGK: Now anyone who lives in Cleveland is aware of Rapper Machine Gun Kelly. For those who are Patrick, and live under a rock, MGK is Cleveland native Richard Baker. He attended Shaker Heights, Ohio, High School and released his first album in 2012, under Bad Boy Records.

John Legend and All Of Me sing is from Springfield, Ohio, located in Clark County. Legend released his first album in 2004, and released his last album in 2013. And he’s married to model Chrissy Tiegen.

Dave Grohl of Nirvana and the Foo Fighters is from Warren, Ohio. He is still part of the band Foo Fighters and just performed on the Academy Awards show.

Al Jardine, founding member of the popular 1960’s rock band, The Beach Boys, was born in Lima, Ohio.

Marilyn Manson, the well-known, out of this world industrial rock artist Brian Warner, is from Canton, Ohio. He is known for pushing the limits on stage, and off, with his unusual look.

Mark Foster from Foster the People is from Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The band is famous for their song Pump up the Kicks in 2009.

Cleveland is home to many musical landmarks, too: The famous Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame and the mother ship of Alternative Press Magazine.

Ohio may not be the most famous state, or even the biggest state. But with cities like Columbus, Cincinnati and Cleveland, it has given forth great talent! Plenty of bands and artists have had their start here.

We may not have the best sports teams, but one thing that we are famous for: our Rock and Roll!

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